About Florence Lee & co

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Florence Lee & co was developed in 2018 from Flo's passion for anything and everything creative.

Currently her main focus is painting/drawing but she is also developing the brand and new products which will include homewares and possibly fashion.

In a short space of time Flo has had great success. She has been featured in print and online publications, held small solo exhibitions, collaborated with interiors enthusiasts and more recently secured a relationship with a London, (Notting Hill) based Gallery that will be selling her work.

Her work has been collected and commissioned within the UK but also as far afield as Texas, with often her clients/customers obtaining multiple pieces of her work.

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Artist Statement

I am influenced by modern day expressionist figurative artists who focus on the visibility of brushstrokes within a painting. My fascination of the visible inner engineering & process of a painting came from seeing more traditional artwork at a young age.

I am also interested in the ability our minds have to finish unfinished lines or areas of paintings, often intentionally leaving areas raw or underdeveloped. I mainly use acrylic paint and more recently I have started to explore with Oil paint and charcoal.

I enjoy experimenting with contrasts in paintings. Some of my recent work has been exploring form with flat pattern, and challenging visual preconceptions.

I aim to create Art that is interesting, approachable, unpretentious and enjoyable.

I am a prolific creator, drawing or painting every day, I feel this is necessary for me to reach my personal skill level goals, but I also find it meditative.