Yellow Goose- Daily Painting 159

Yellow Goose- Daily Painting 159

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Original Acrylic painting on fine paper. A painting inspired by a recent family visit to a friends farm. This piece was painted on 8/6/2018 in Bristol, making it the 159th creation of the year.

The aim was to create a fun and free painting with just subtle details.

It is painted on lightweight paper using acrylic paint. .

The Artwork is painted on fine paper measuring approximately 29cm x 22cm and fills the piece of paper.

The Artwork is hand signed and dated by the Artist.

All pictures of Original Daily Artworks are unedited and sold as seen.

Pictures are NOT framed, this is for illustration purposes only.

Please allow up to 7 days to receive your order. (UK order turnaround- international with vary)

All artwork ©Florence Lee & co and may not be redistributed without permission.

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