Original Mixed Media Artwork- Coincident

Original Mixed Media Artwork- Coincident


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Original Charcoal Drawing with watercolour paint embellishment- 38cm x 56cm heavyweight paper

This work was inspired by the meaning of the word coincident- is it intentional or a spooky occurrence when 2 things coincide- and also originates from mathematical descriptions of triangles.

So the fact that the stripe on the t shirt lines up with the triangle edge was this intentional or a happy accident? a coincidence? with have lost the true meaning of coincidence.

The Artwork is hand signed by the Artist.

The images shown may not be true to scale, as they are for illustration purposes only.

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All artwork ©Florence Lee & co and may not be redistributed without permission.

In all cases where a “mock up” background has been used- please see the acknowledgements page for the source.

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